Able Piano Movers
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    About Us
    Able Piano Movers is the strength in piano transportation service!
Piano moving is just one of our specialties, yet pianos are where we started more than 35 years ago. Through the years we have improved the way we move pianos. Speedy safe performance would describe our keyboard transportation service today. By using our superbly equipped trucks and trailers, our carefully trained movers backed by an expert dispatch and sales department, you'll get a stress free piano move.
    Appliance moving efficiency has allowed us to keep the cost of this service incredibly low.
The need for a single heavy item specialty mover mad appliance moving a natural next step for us. We applied the same technique to appliances that we used on pianos and eliminated wasted time. Appliance moving is now the lowest cost service of any we offer. Considering the time and expense of buying or renting equipment and finding help, your cost would likely be more than allowing us to move the appliance for you.
    Ongoing refinement in moving technology is the name of the game in Big Screen Television moving.
We stay on the leading edge as advances in the electronics industry continue to make televisions larger. Our ability to continually upgrade our equipment and procedures allows us to stay one step ahead of any growing sector. Since conception, our most rapidly expanding customer base was in the area of Big Screen Television moving. The necessity for this service has decreased with the advent of LCD technology, but if you have a projection TV to move, we are the best.

    You simply can't afford not to take advantage of the benefits Able Piano Movers offers.
With our 35 years experience, how can you be more comfortable with a moving company. Our references with attest to our proficiency. We have a computerized dispatch department to schedule your moves usually within a couple of days, on occasion we can get a truck to you on the same day. Your personal sales representative is just a phone call away to help with any special needs you might have. A move like the one you will get from a quality specialty mover is far superior to any move done by a general household mover. Other movers refer to us for the items we specialize in. Call now and try us with just one move and you will see how safe, quick and easy moving can be.
Call today at: (303) 430-1828 or in Wyoming at: (307) 433-8323 or toll free at: 1-800-416-7348. We also have local phone numbers in other cities in Colorado and Wyoming.